What does bespoke tailoring mean?


Step 1 is a personal consultation in which I would like to get to know you better.

In made-to-measure, as well as traditional haute couture, the individuality of every customer plays a major role.

I would like to understand what you feel comfortable with, what you want to say with your dress and which possible "problem areas" you would like to hide.

I also enjoy looking at your favorite clothes to understand your style . So I can create different individual designs just for you, from which you can choose your personal favorite. I get most of my fabrics from Milan .


Step 2 is taking measurements .


Step 3 is to make a prototype from plain cotton.

In order to create a perfectly fitting cut , I like working with prototypes until the cut fits like a glove and we are both 100% satisfied.


Step 4 is the actual production of the garment.

Here you can help decide whether your dress should be produced by us in Vienna, Italy or Poland.

Regardless of the production location, the samples are carried out by us in Vienna.


Step 5 is your grand entrance .

Whether wedding, ball or other occasions, you will shine with our custom-made designer dresses.

We would also be happy to advise you on accessories, shoes and styling.